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My name is (Name), I am (Age) old and grew up with my mother and my little brother in Malmo.

The sea has been my passion since childhood, I fish, kite surf and enjoy nature. A job with a marine focus has therefore always been my big dream. In the spring of 2015, I graduated from Malmö gymnasium with the highest average grade from the natural sciences and good recommendations from the principal (name). Then I applied for the Marine Biology program at the University of Gothenburg.

I have the highest grades in all my courses at university.

In my spare time I am involved in the student union and last year I was responsible for sponsorship for foreign students at universities. In parallel with this, I have also been employed by the Department of Marine Biology as a mentor in a course on anthropogenic associations in the oceans, which meant that I was responsible for planning, teaching and following up the content of the course. Some of the students have said that my mentors' events are more rewarding than the regular teaching, which is fantastically inspiring.

My love of marine life has now led to my admission to an exciting education at James Cook University in Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The places for exchange students are highly sought after as there are only a few and the school is one of the world's foremost.

I was accepted a lot thanks to good recommendations from Professor Boris Balthazar, at the National Institute of Marine Environment.

Since the teaching is free, I apply for a grant for travel and subsistence. I have been working in the summer for the past few years, but since the semester in Australia starts already in July, the opportunities are small. I take a full student loan from CSN and invest my own savings in this exchange year. My mother has been single during our upbringing, so I have no chance of getting help from my fan. See attached budget.

Appointing me as a fellow is an investment for the future and the money will be used for a meaningful purpose. I am really driven by challenges and the feeling of developing. When I have chosen something, I finish it. Hope my presentation inspires you to support me on the path to my life's big dream of working with the marine million.


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